From Money$ : Back in the 60s and 70s, hippies were a persecuted bunch in Singapore. Long hair on men was banned (the law was silent on long nose hair though) and the only mushrooms you could find were the kinds in Chinese soups. These days, while males can wear their hair as long as […]

From Money$ Sometimes it seems like getting pregnant is all too easy for those who don’t want it to happen or aren’t prepared for it, while others spend thousands on IVF with no results. Life is funny like that. Many married couples who haven’t really thought about the nitty-gritties of having a kid find themselves […]

Source: Money$ Some days I wonder if wedding banquets in Singapore, especially the traditional Chinese sit-down dinner is for the married couple or for the married couple’s parents. You know what I mean, in a room of 40 tables, 15 tables are for the bride’s extended family, 15 tables are for the groom’s extended family. […]

From Money$ If you see a bunch of bewildered looking tourists searching for wi-fi hotspots while on holiday, there’s a high chance they’re Singaporean. Apparently, we’ve all become so used to staring at our smartphones on those grinding MRT rides and during boring meetings that we’re completely unable to disconnect even on holiday. But there’s […]

Hai tempo fino a domani per per il tax filing su Se sei un italiano che ha risieduto a Singapore per piu’ di 185 giorni nel 2014 allora devi pagare le tasse qui Ricordiamo a tutti che c’e’ una convenzione tra Singapore e l’Italia per evitare la doppia tassazione. Il testo ufficiale e’ […]

Then we have you covered ! Finest People was founded in 2010 by a cadre of sales and marketing specialists and its business is focused on the mediation of highly trained and experienced people.

From Money$ One of my friends is 5 months pregnant. Instead of anticipating the arrival of her child, she has declared that she expects to have a nervous breakdown and has even started reading up on how to handle post-natal depression. The reason? Her husband works long hours and her parents and in-laws have made […]


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