How to handle a baking hot day in Singapore

Baobab trees in Gardens By The Bay's Flower Dome
Baobab trees in Gardens By The Bay’s Flower Dome

Go on a woodland walk through another climate

The searing sun doesn’t mean you have to stop your nature rambles. Just find a park with a more temperate climate… right here in Singapore at the newly opened Gardens by the Bay. Pick your weather: if you’d like a Mediterranean spring, step into the massive glass Flower Dome that replicates the cool-dry climate of California and South Africa. Stroll among the eerie baobabs, delight in the sights and surround-scents of hundreds of flowers, and soak in a seeming sea-scape complete with corals and creatures in the Succulent Garden, while still glimpsing the Singapore skyscape though the glass walls. Or if you’d prefer a misty mountaintop chill like that at 2000 metres above sea level, experience the towering manmade mountain and waterfall in The Cloud Forest enclosure, surrounded by fragile ferns and carnivorous pitcher plants.

9am-9pm daily. Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive. For all ages. Admission fees from $8 to visit either Flower Dome or Cloud Forest, or from $12-$28 to visit both.


Source | InSing


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