Notti sempre piu’ calde a Singapore

Interessante articolo apparso su AsiaOne che testimonia quanto l’enorme espansione demografica e residenziale che Singapore ha avuto e sta avendo negli ultimi anni incida anche su clima e temperature.

Alcuni passaggi:

The urban heat island effect refers to hard, flat surfaces such as streets and buildings becoming hotter during the day and staying warmer at night than forested areas.

Human activity, such as cars being driven and heat from air-conditioning vents, also contributes to the effect, said Associate Professor Roth.

Greater urbanisation in downtown Singapore means that in the last 40 years, the difference in night-time temperatures between the city centre and undeveloped areas has doubled.

Today, urban areas can be up to 7 deg C hotter at night than rural areas such as Lim Chu Kang, compared to 40 years ago, when the difference was about 3.5 deg C. That is under windless conditions. If there are strong winds or rain, the gap is smaller.

Leggi il resto dell’articolo


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