Spunti interessanti sul costo della vita a Singapore

Ho trovato questa interessante discussione su LinkedIn e in essa trovate un sacco di spunti interessanti se state considerando l’opportunita’ di venire a vivere qui a Singapore.

Riporto alcuni passaggi:

I am married with 2 children, one 4 and one being born in about a week, and we want to move to Singapore because of a love for the culture and people. What is a good salary for someone like me that just wants a normal life in the greatest place on earth?

Coming from Australia we find the groceries on par, owning a car from a monthly repayment (not cash up front) perspective similar and the tax rate hugely favourable.

No doubt other stuff is expensive especially rent and international school, but many expats send their children to local school which completely negates one of these.

My advice, just do your homework extremely carefully. With Rent being your largest cost, work out where you want to live, (propertyguru.com.sg) deduct 15% from the indicated rent, work out all of your other expenses including tax rates and then work out what income you would need to live – then go for it!

I’m originally from Sweden but have lived in Singapore before as an exchange student. Altough it’s a bit different as student, I do agree alot with James. It is really up to you and depends on how you wanna live.
I lived the simple life in a shared HDB flat, eating in hawker centers and just enjoyed time with people. I think I migh of spent maximum of 2500S$/month, including even travelling to nearby countries sometimes. We did alot of budget travelling and this is probably one of the best parts of living in Singapore. Malaysia is for an example very close and you can take low budget flight fares or convinient coaches to several places there. Diving, hiking, climbing mountains etc. Simply, the adventure is just around the corner and it doesn’t have to cost you much to enjoy things.

Potete seguire ed eventualmente partecipare alla discussione qui.



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