GUEST POST // MY STORY – By Chiara Bertoldini

Lanciamo questo esperimento. Riceviamo e volentieri pubblichiamo

Have  you  ever  thought  how  many  things  need  to  be  fitted  in  a  40x20km  island
city-­state  with  5  million  inhabitants?
It   takes  lots   of   planning   to   develop   such   a  small  island  and  Singapore   has  an
Authority  who  cares  and  explains  about  its  Urban  Redevelopment   plan.  Visiting
its  showroom  (Singapore  City  Gallery )  will  be  an
engaging  and  captivating  experience:  education,  work,  transport ,  infrastructures
and   leisure   are  key words   for   well   living   and  life  in  Singapore   looks   like  it’s
missing  nothing.  Almost.
During  last  few  months  foreign  workers  are  experiencing  difficulties  in  finding
jobs  here;  according  to  the  press  some  locals  start  complaining  about  the  amount
of   foreigners   in   town;   there’s   more  than  a  suspect   that   many   attractions  are
intended   to   create   familiar  environments   for   expats   more  than  locals.  But  I’m
still  fascinated  by  this  city.
I  moved  to  Singapore  5  months  ago,  knowing  not  even  an  Asian  word  for  “hello”
and   in   a   complicated   relationship  with  chopsticks.  More   excited   than  worried
about   this   new   adventure   it   didn’t   take  me  long  to  discover   a   little  truth :
Singapore  is  Asia  for  beginners.   This  is  kind  of  a   relief  for  most  western  expats ,
including  me:   English   as   first   among   official  languages,   heavy   still   neat  traffic,
clean  and  green  places,  delicious  exotic  food…  and  “No  Mom,  there’s  no  freaky
food  such  as  beetles  or  cockroaches  here !”.  I  would  like  to  add  many  other  pros,
sure   to   definitely   reveal   my  nerd  soul  –  but   seriously,   how   can  you  avoid
mentioning  high­‐tech  everywhere,  efficiency,  green  architecture  and  outstanding
engineering  artworks?
OK,  I’m  more  than  just  geeky:  what  I  love  the  most  is  that  this  city  is  a  perfect
starting  point  for  exploration.  In  its  convenient  position  at  the  heart  of  Southeast
Asia  Singapore   offers   quick   flights   to   all   destinations  you  have  ever  dreamt
about:   Bangkok,   Bali,   Boracay,  Borneo,   and   so   on,   just  choose  any   alphabet
letters.  If   you  are  either  looking   for   great   outdoor   activities  or  cultural
experiences,    and  whether  you  are  all­‐inclusive  travelers  or  backpackers,  there
is   a   lot   to   discover   in   these  fascinating  places.   On   my   personal   travel  map  I
already   pinned   some   beaches   and   cities   around   and   passionate  about  offbeat
experience  I  was  lucky  to  chance  upon  a  travel  marketplace  named  Indiescapes
(  which  offers  authentic  tours  and  activities  with  locals  in
many   locations  in  Asia,   Singapore   included.   Yes,   because  Singapore   itself
presents  several  surprises  about  its  culture,  traditions  and  ways  to  deepen  into
them:  historical  home­‐museum  in  Joo  Chiat,  the  traditional  Peranakan  enclave;
eclectic  and  indie­‐chic  precinct  of  Tiong  Bahru,   one   of   oldest  Singapore
neighbourhoods;  last  mangroves   on  the  river  in  Sembawang  district,   where  to
paddle   kayaking;  bike   tours  from   Chinatown   to   Clarke   Quay  and  Marina  Bay ;
photos  and  food  trips  around  the  most  peculiar  areas  of  the  city .
Living  in  Singapore  and  still   feeling  like  a  tourist  is  an  amazing  way  to  be,   I  love
the  idea  to  have  something  new  to  do  and  to  see  at  all  times.  And  when  I  miss  my
hometown  mountains  and  trails  the  less  I  can  do  is  to  get  lost  into  the  wild,  up  to
the  Tree  Top  Walk  in  MacRitchie  Reservoir  Park .


Into  the  wild  at  Tree  Top  Walk

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PS: Buon Compleanno !



  1. May be a naive and common suggestion …but…… experience it to the fullest, live intensely and truly enjoy every single moment. You will enrich your spirit and life. I wish you all the best. 😉

  2. Oh you are tempting me so much with this article. It sounds like quite the adventure. Enjoy every moment. I hope things ease up between locals & expats in terms of competition for jobs. It seems to be a common theme all over the world . . .

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