Isaac Newton International Upper School and Hwa Chong International School announce students’ exchange programs

By Stefano Anzuinelli

Brescia, Italy – Locally owned Isaac Newton International Upper School (INIUS) and Singapore based Hwa Chong International School announced today that they have started a partnership plan of  students’ exchanges coming into effect on May 20th 2014, when a first group of 20 Singaporean students  will be hosted by the Italian counterpart. Schools administrators across the two continents have been carefully devising such venture for over two years and expect this ambitious project of consistent exchanges in the upcoming years to improve internationality and cross cultural relations.

The exchange program will allow dozens of students to feel, savor and experience cultural and educational diversities, get to know new social backgrounds and finally become true worldwide citizens.

More information is expected to be released following a  meeting with local institutions on April 23rd, 2014, less than a month prior to first delegation arrival in Brescia.

The upcoming step will take place next July 14th through August 6th when the second class of 20 Italian students is hosted at the outstanding Singaporean campus of Bukit Timah Rd of HCIS.

About Isaac Newton International Upper School

INIUS is the international division of Licei Paritari Isaac Newton, which started the education activity back in 1972. It has enjoyed over 42 years of independent ownership with an ever increasing number of students and an array of new activities which spans from Double Diploma (Italian and American), cross cultural exchanges with partner schools and digitally driven education for digital natives.

INIUS will uphold its promise to stimulate the local economy through rich international education. Known for its culturally rich and exciting curriculum, the school also intends to maintain its commitment to nurturing the theory of multiple intelligences applied to high school education. For more information, please visit or

About Hwa Chong International School

HCIS is a Singapore-based, co-educational secondary international school, a member school of the Hwa Chong Family of Schools, catering to both local and foreign students.All subjects are taught in English, except for Chinese. The school’s mission is  to provide a holistic education by means of “rigorous academic lessons, structured co-curricular activities and customized school programs”.


HCIS has recently launched a building expansion project of more than SG$30 million. When fully completed in 2015, the 4-storey teaching wing and the new tower block will host a full range of teaching and co-curricular facilities including, to provide students with an enriched learning environment that fully supports their academic and holistic development.  For more information, please visit


To learn more about this project, please contact

Stefano Anzuinelli, Communication and Media Relations

Office: +39 030 3762798

Mobile. +39 344 0911774


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