Lights out in the hotel and buffet restaurant, Carousel


Lights off at lobby, Royal Plaza on Scotts

Lights will be turned down in the hotel’s lobby today between 8.30pm and 9.30 pm to celebrate Earth Hour, leaving only minimal emergency lights for guests’ movement. The hotel’s signature candle installation will also be lit up with environmentally-friendly soy candles.


Electronic and hard copy signage will be displayed in the hotel to share this meaningful initiative with guests. Guests are encouraged to join in the movement by switching off electrical devices and lights that are not in use. Royal Plaza on Scotts will also be tapping on to our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to spread the word about our green efforts to guests and associates.


Lights will also be dimmed at the award-winning buffet restaurant, Carousel. Patrons will be invited to participate in Earth Hour, where they will light up soy candles which are placed on their tables.


Sustaining the Green Efforts at Royal Plaza on Scotts


At Royal Plaza on Scotts, going green also means being committed to go beyond the hour and is not merely a yearly affair.


Guest supplies, which account for a big portion of the hotel’s usage of resources, are being reviewed continuously. The hotel has switched from bottled water to water jugs for meetings and functions. Bed sheets in the guestrooms are also changed on alternate days unless the guests request otherwise by placing green signage on the bed. Guests are also advised to hang their towels if they would like to reuse the towels. This year, the hotel’s pens have also been replaced with those that are biodegradable and made from recycled fibre.


The hotel has rolled out green initiatives internally to fully embrace environmental conservation as an organisation with collective effort from the associates. Recycling boxes have been placed strategically in all offices so that papers are not disposed as waste. Recycling bins have also been placed at the hotel’s main entrance and in the back office so that guests and associates can do their part for the Earth. With these bins, the hotel guests and associates recycle about 2000kg of materials yearly, which include paper, plastic, cans and glass.


The Human Resources department has also held energy saving initiatives to encourage associates to take the stairs instead of using the lifts. Colleagues who were spotted using the stairs were rewarded with milk and fruit juices. The activity helped to create engagement and fun in the workplace.


The green element also carries substantial weight in most of the hotel’s interdepartmental competitions. Associates have since creatively look for materials that they can reuse to create various stunning masterpieces such as an outfit for the annual dinner and dance “Green meets Fashion” runway competition and the eighty-eight horses, all made from recycled materials, that hanged from the Business Strategies department office’s ceiling for the Lunar New Year office decoration competition.


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