Flōrens Cosmetics is the essence of Mediterranean botanic traditions, its smells and its colours.

A small, artisan Italian company producing essences and perfumes; a prestigious collection of creams, oils and lotions that are produced using only natural ingredients native to one of the oldest areas of Italy: Tuscany, inspired by the beauty and colours of the Mediterranean peninsula.

The inspiration behind the brand is based on native plants such as: White Lily, Lavender, Sweet Almond, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Blueberries, Raspberries, Chestnuts, Spruce, Rusco.

Their collections use traditional products with modern ethics and integrity. The base of all products is natural, including the perfume and ingredients used such as olive oil, vegetable glycerine and organic coloring, entirely without parabens. Looking at research & development, inside their laboratory they continuously perform in-depth studies on the skin and the impact that their cosmetics can have on it. Only certified raw materials, plant extracts and organic emulsifiers that are “food-grade” are used in production.

Flōrens’ products no only work in synergy with the skin to support its natural vitality, but also allow for effective improvements on skin imperfections of the face and body. Their products are custom-made and are distilled directly from the Mediterranean flora, maintaining the original ingredients and fragrances.

The name Flōrens is the Latin adjective for blooming, flourishing and thriving. It is also the root name for Florentia (Florence), the city that globally symbolizes Renaissance art and the oldest tradition of ethnobotany: the discipline of using plants as part of popular traditions in different civilizations.

As Flōrens’ founder Ms. Beatrice Anzuinelli explains, “Flōrens is something I am very proud of. I believe that our oils and creams can allow people to breathe the charming air of my wonderful country”.

Beatrice continues, “Our core value is that all Flōrens products are produced with total respect for nature and animals. All of our products are natural and made strictly without any form of animal testing and chemical additives”.

Flōrens Cosmetics' Founder Beatrice Anzuinelli

Flōrens’ Founder Beatrice Anzuinelli


Flōrens’ products are now available online! For more information on Flōrens Cosmetics visit or follow their Facebook page at:


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