MyRepublic now offering no-contract Fibre Broadband at $69.99/month


Staying connected in Singapore usually means signing contracts to telco providers but MyRepublic today disrupt the tradition by offering no-contract on their flagship 1Gbps fibre broadband plan.

It’s not entirely no-contract but a rather short one if one must nitpick. Under their terms and conditions, there’s a one-time cancellation fee of $48.15 if you decide to terminate within the first 3 months into the service.

After 3 months, you are free to cancel or switch to other telcos but with that kind of privilege the monthly subscription comes at a hefty $69.99 per month and a $99 installation charge, that’s $20 more than their own Ultra plan and $30.99 more per month than M1’s 2-year contract at the same speed of 1Gbps. Additional perks to the no-contract plan include a $70 router discount and a free Home Voice Standard service.

For users who want more freedom with their fibre broadband subscription or more importantly for expats who are residing or working here short-term in Singapore, it would make a lot more sense.

You can find out more about MyRepublic new plan here.

Source = GreatDealSG

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